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HTC Sensation: Hands on pictures

The HTC Sensation has just been launched at a packed out event in central London. The Sensation is a seriously powerful bit of kit – it’s rocking a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, a 4.3-inch qHD resolution screen and an 8-megapixel main camera.

The HTC Sensation comes with the movie streaming and downloading service HTC Watch pre-installed, which allows you to download and blockbuster titles on the go. The screen features a display aspect of 16:9 meaning you get a true widescreen experience, with no letterboxing around the edges.

The Sensation also features a revamped version of HTC Sense, which features a neat new lock screen and redesigned widgets.

Launching in May (exact date to be confirmed) the Sensation will initially only be available on Vodafone for a month. After then in June we should start seeing the Sensation arriving on other networks.

Click through for some hands on pics of the HTC Sensation in action and a look at some of it’s features in action.

Close up shot of the Sensation’s main 8-megapixel camera with the flash and external speaker all up at the top in traditional HTC style.

The HTC Sensation’s 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera up there on top.

The 8-megapixel camera unit sitting pretty on the back of the HTC Sensation. Dual LED flash on the left there, power button and 3.5mm jack on the top.

The HTC Sensation’s volume rocker, a single metallic strip on the left hand side of the phone.

The HTC Sensation from the right hand side.

A quick look at the HTC Watch app in action. When you open up the app for the first time, you get a concertina of digital DVD cases fanning out. It’s very smoothly animated and oh so impressive.

When we tapped on a movie title, the HTC Sensation played a quick 2-minute movie clip. Here’s part of the trailer for Inception.

Though nothing official was announced, prices for renting and buying films through HTC Watch looks to work out at £0.99 and £1.99 respectively.

A rather blurry and fingerprinty close up of the HTC Sensation’s camcorder menu. Here you can see options for stereo recording and FULL HD VIDEO QUALITY. It’s so awesome that HTC had to write it in CAPITALS in the menu.

This is the Trim feature of the camcorder in action. This is what you’ll use to crop specific parts of a video clip. Move the sliders left and right to where you want to crop to, just like cut and paste on Android 2.3.

The new-look unlock screen of HTC Sense 3.0, with shortcuts to phone, mail, camera and messages. Simply drag any of these shortcuts to the silver ring in the middle to unlock and be taken straight to that app or feature.

Swiping left and right between homescreens on the HTC Sensation is very slick; widgets float around in a pseudo 3D zoetrope type effect.

When you delete a message from the homescreen widget, instead of just dissapearing, each message is magically screwed up into a paper ball before being dumped in the trash.

The virtual keyboard of the HTC Sensation doesn’t look hugely different from what we’ve seen on previous editions of HTC’s Android phones. But these SwiftKey-styley predictions do look a little different to what we’ve seen on phones like the Desire S and Desire Z.

The HTC Sensation is pretty lightweight for a phone with such a large screen.

You can just about make out the curvature of the HTC Sensation’s glass screen here. Unlike the curved screen of the Nexus S which bends inwards, the Sensation’s screen is slightly convex and bends outwards.

A full spec sheet of the HTC Sensation for your delectation. You might have to rotate your monitor 90 degrees to read it properly.


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