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HTC Sense update arriving soon, with camera improvements? Will we see it tomorrow?

We love a bit of HTC’s Sense– bringing clever features and simple customisable options for smartphone beginners. With HTC’s big announcement coming in the next 24 hours- they’ve announced a big press event in London, followed by an even bigger party. (You can go too, if you hadn’t heard.)

Could we see the rumoured HTC Sensation revealed alongside a new and improved HTC Sense interface? Those names certainly overlap well…

Perhaps. According to All Things Digital, who spoke to Kouji Kodera, HTC’s Chief Product Officer, who explained how they were continuing to develop HTC Sense.

It looks like HTC are looking to improve the performance of cameras found inside their smartphones. Improvements will attempt to cut down on some of the lag experienced between pressing the shutter button and the actual photo capture.

Although HTC had initially focused on connecting photos taken on your phone to the sharing of these on social networks and email, they’ve changed direction on what they want their cameras to accomplish.

“With that lag you have, you usually miss the shot when you have things that are moving,” Kodera said. “We are trying to make it easier for people to make better quality pictures.”

According to ATD, the new software is due to show up in the US-based HTC Evo 3D as well as “other new phones” this year. Does this mean we could spot it on the HTC Sensation. Yes, please. We hope to be able to confirm this tomorrow.

Could we see updates to other new phones already out, like the Desire S and Incredible S? More news when we get it tomorrow.


Source: ATD


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