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HTC’s new Windows Phone device launching next month?

HTC is set to launch its next big mobile gadget in New York City next month, with strong rumours that it’s going to be the long-awaited Windows Phone handset.

Invites to a big HTC launch in New York City have been landing in American tech journos’ inboxes, revealing that something big will be unveiled on August 19th. While there’s no specific mention of what the launch product will be, we’re anticipating the much-rumoured HTC One W8, the Windows Phone 8.1 version of HTC’s shiny metallic One M8 smartphone.

HTC One W8 Windows Phone could be launched at New York City in August 2014, but will it come to the UK?

So far there’s no news on the UK front, so could the handset be US-only? In short, pretty bloody unlikely. We doubt that HTC would launch a massive new device Stateside only, and with any luck the UK HTC team will announce a corresponding London event soon (which usually involves sitting in a sweaty room, watching a live feed of the US launch). The New York launch kicks off at 10am, so this suggests there will indeed be European events running simultaneously, in our afternoon.

The HTC WIndows Phone handset, dubbed HTC One W8, has been heavily hinted at in recent times but not officially revealed. It will likely be a carbon copy of the HTC One M8, a fantastic five-star phone running Android, but most likely with slghtly altered specs, and maybe even a ‘normal’ camera instead of the Ultrapixel snapper. As long as they keep that sexy metallic body, we don’t really care.

HTC’s last Windows Phone mobile was the HTC 8X, which turned out pretty marvellously, so we’ve got high hopes for another Windows Phone handset. Of course, HTC could surprise us all by launching something completely different, such as some new tablets or the Nexus 9. We’ll see in a little under three weeks…



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