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Ice Cream Sandwich gets ported to a Google Nexus One, looks pretty tasty

We know that Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming to the higher-end of the current and old-gen of Android phones. But that hasn’t stopped some of you getting in contact, asking us when Ice Cream Sandwich will be coming to your beloved Galaxy S2’s and HTC Desires.

Here then is a short video that ought to salve your aching hearts somewhat. An enterprising modder (one ‘dr1337md’ ) has a go at porting Ice Cream Sandwich from the SDK onto a Nexus One and posted the results to YouTube.

As you can see, the results are a little shaky, with the odd force close, but things actually look pretty good. This gives us the best idea yet of the shape Ice Cream Sandwich will take on older phones although some of the features, notably Android Beam and Face Unlock, won’t work unless the phone has an NFC chip and a front-facing camera.

The SDK tools for Android 4.0 are available to download now if you think you’ve got the h4xx0R skills of dr1337md and want to have a go at installing it yourself.

Source: YouTube via Phandroid