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Rollover your unused data every month for free with UK network iD Mobile

Carphone Warehouse’s iD Mobile network has just announced that it will be the first UK provider to offer free rollover data with its monthly contracts.

iD Mobile is almost a year old now and still offers great-value contracts and deals on the latest phones for UK customers, and its latest initiative is hopefully one that will be copied by the other British providers. Existing and new customers will be able to rollover unused data from one month to the next for free, instead of losing those precious megabytes every time, starting from today.

The rollover deal will automatically be applied to all 12 and 24-month GoTo plans and one-month GoTo SIM-only plans. So if you’re already on iD Mobile, you won’t have to lift a finger to enjoy the rollover deal.

Here’s hoping the likes of EE, Three and O2 notice iD’s offer and decide to lift it wholesale. Check out iD’s website for more info.

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