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Intel to “temporarily discontinue development” of MeeGo, doing a WebOS?

Looks like Intel is apparently putting development of the MeeGo OS on the back burner for the time being. According to Digitimes, this is down to a “lack of enthusiasm for the platform from handset and tablet PC vendors.”

Well that’s hardly surprising, seeing as the only phone we’ve actually seen MeeGo on is the Nokia N9, a genuinely awesome looking product that’s getting a very limited worldwide release.

However Intel has also stated that it will remain committed to MeeGo, insofar as it will work with the developer community. So if you’ve had your sights on an N9 and are worried that there won’t be much in the way of supported apps from launch, fret ye not.

We wonder how temporary the halt on development will be. MeeGo, despite being a long time coming, looked really interesting when we got to have some time with it earlier in the year.

This follows on from news that HP/Palm’s webOS will be going quietly into the night, news of which prompted a fire sale of the remaining HP TouchPads.

If we get wind of any Nokia N9’s getting sudden price drops over in Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe, we’ll let you know…

Source: Digitimes


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