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iPad 3 announcement and launch set for March?

Whether or not it’s got a dual-core, tri-core or quad-core processor running the show, the iPad 3 looks set for a March unveil, according to various reports.

Japanese site Macokatara, which reported that component makers were underway with assembling parts for of a next-generation Apple tablet, is now saying that there’ll be a big launch event for the iPad 3 in March.

Macokatara’s sources are also saying that the Apple event that’s set to take place this month will go ahead, but it’s emphatically not the launch of the iPad 3 or a product event. Rather, it’s to be a ‘strange’ event, whatever that means.

Something might have got lost in the translation but it’d be strange for Apple to host an event where no new products are shown off. It may be that no new physical products are demoed in February and the event will be used to showcase iOS 5.1, or something unrelated to Apple’s mobile products. Perhaps the rumours of an Apple Store in Harrod’s are true.

Regardless, a March release date for the iPad 3 chimes with what we’ve heard previously and would mirror Apple’s launch plans from last year – the iPad 2 was announced on the 2nd of March 2011 before hitting the shelves on the 25th.

Nothing official is forthcoming from Apple on either event as of yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we hear otherwise.

Source: Macokatara via 9to5Mac


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