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Supposed iPad 5 case bolsters reports of a slimmer, narrower design

Another day, another iPad 5 leak. This one comes in the guise of an alleged case for the next iPad straight out of Hong Kong. Engadget managed to score pictures of the case, which points towards a thinner and sleeker design, not unlike what we’ve seen in previous leaks. How exactly did vendors managed to score a case so early? It’s apparently based on molds of the iPad 5 chassis that have already been leaked.

Other interesting design notes? The case is definitely thinner than existing cases for the iPad 3 and iPad 4, suggesting that the rumours of a reduced bezel size akin to the iPad mini are right on the mark. Other cues also seem to be taken from the iPad mini and iPhone 5, such as the speaker grills at the bottom of the case and thinner cut out for the Lightning dock connector.

Everything matches up nicely with recent reports too. An alleged front fascia for the iPad 5 was recently shown off in pictures that showed the thinner bezel design, and 9to5Mac has served up pictures of the rear case of the tablet in the past. The leaked casing showed a black and slate aluminium design just like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

Original reports suggested that the iPad 5 would be released in March, but Apple has reportedly delayed the release of the refreshed tablet until later in the year. The company apparently intends to begin production of the fifth generation tablet in July or August so that it can release it in time for September or October.


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