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iPhone 3GS, HTC Sensation XE, and white Samsung Galaxy S2 head off T-Mobile’s Full Monty deals

T-Mobile’s Full Monty unlimited contracts launched today and we took a quick look around to see what was on offer.

Amoung the many many phones on offer we spotted the 8GB iPhone 3GS, HTC Sensation XE and both black and white versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 going for free on 24 month plans that include unlimited data, unlimited messages and unlimited T-Mobile calls.

In the basic £36 Full Monty plans you get 2000 minutes worth of calls to other networks as well as getting unlimited everything else. To reiterate, the ‘unlimited’ here means properly unlimited. There’s no fair use policies on anything, including internet use.

So app happy phone owners can Wi-Fi tether and download away without fear of running into an invisible fair usage barrier.

Deals whereby calls to all numbers come included start at £41 a month if you really think you’ll get through 2000 minutes worth of calls in a month.

There are a bunch of other phones available on T-Mobile’s Full Monty plans including the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the Nokia Lumia 800. Head on over to T-Mobile’s page to have a look.

Source: T-Mobile


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