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iPhone 4S T-Mobile pre-order and pricing details

T-Mobile’s pricing details for the iPhone 4S have been formally announced. The 16GB iPhone 4S can be snapped up for free on a £45.96 24 month deal, giving you 1200 minutes, 100 texts and 750MB of data along with the option to add a T-Mobile Flexible Booster, which includes unlimited texts, unlimited landline calls or unlimited calls to T-Mobile numbers.

The 32GB iPhone 4S can be had for free on deals starting at £61.72 a month (unlimited messages, 500 texts, 1GB data and a Flexible Booster) but the 64GB iPhone 4S isn’t free on any offers.

The cheapest the 64GB iPhone 4S gets is £99.99 on the same £61.72 deal.

Pre-orders can be taken now, with deliveries due to arrive after the 14th of October. T-Mobile hasn’t said exactly when it expects phones to get to customers, but you can “pre-order the shiny new iPhone 4S now to secure it, and we’ll deliver it after 14 October. Delivery may take longer than usual, but we’ll get in touch when your phone’s on its way to you.”

For some reason, the iPhone 4S icons on the T-Mobile site have been greyed out. Come on guys, its not like we don’t know what it looks like (i.e. exactly like an iPhone 4).

Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile have all announced their prices for the iPhone 4S; we’re just waiting on O2 and Three to spill the beans now.

Source: T-Mobile


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