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iPhone clock messes up again: Glitch sends users two hours into the past

Following the change to daylight savings, iPhone users have again been stung by a wonky clock update on their iPhone.

Users in the US, on Twitter and Facebook are reporting that their iPhones are jumping back an hour, instead of the expected one hour forward, making their phones, and their alarms, two hours off.

It also affects the world clock, with places in different time-zones currently sharing the same time

We’re not exactly sure how daylight savings time works, and we never remember which way around it goes.

A quick survey of the office polled that we’re so used to checking our phones, both as alarm clocks and as clocks, that their auto-updating means we have to check the BBC website or older relatives to find out how to change our watches and, ugh, manual clocks.

This isn’t the first time the iPhone has cocked up time changes. Last November, European customers suffered a similar fate, with their multiple alarms failing to ring out after the clock changes.

How do you fix it? There are a few options. To dodge alarm muck-ups, you could delete all your repeated alarms, and set a daily one for each day.

Other unconfirmed methods for sorting out the clock include turning it on and off again, and even switching the phone into, and out of, airplane mode.

Reports have mentioned using the iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1, so it may be worth updating your phone to the latest version, which may fix it.

We’re really hoping we’ll not experience the same time-warp effect when day-light savings hit the Uk, but we’ll see when it hits March 27 2011 at 1am. (We checked on the internet.)

(Thanks to everyone that sent this in.)



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