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iPhones to get Wi-Fi tethering with iOS 4.3 in March

Wi-Fi tethering may be coming soon to an iPhone near you. Part of iOS 4.3’s updates includes the option to turn your iPhone into a portable hotspot that a maximum of five other devices can connect to over Wi-Fi.

Boy Genius Report says that the ‘personal hotspot’ feature, unveiled with Verizon’s iPhone in the US yesterday, will eventually be rolled out to all iPhones when iOS 4.3 lands in March.

Though this comes from across the pond we can’t see why UK networks would have a problem with this. After all, Android 2.2 has been around since July, offering owners similar functionality.

But with all the recent kerfuffle surrounding T-Mobile’s slimming down of data on smartphone plans, it could run into some problems. One possibility is that the service could be available to customers who sign up for a separate price plan, like that which O2 currently offers.

To be honest, Wi-Fi tethering isn’t something that not a lot of people will want to use all of the time. There are only a handful of times where it’s actually useful, like when your home broadband router or USB dongle is on the blink. In such cases it’s indispensable.

Source: BGR


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