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Jolla demonstrate Sailfish OS: MeeGo’s spiritual successor lives

The restructuring of Nokia in the mobile space played host to some significant shifts in the company’s projects and goals, pushing Symbian to the back burner, adopting Windows Phone as their primary OS and halting MeeGo projects following the release of the Nokia N9 altogether. It’s exciting then, to see that Jolla Ltd; the company born out of the ashes of Nokia’s MeeGo team were able to take to the stage to show off Sailfish OS earlier today.

Not only did Jolla’s CEO Marc Dillon and CIO Stefano Mosconi take to the stage to debut the new OS in its current state, but the company’s website and Sailfish’s developer site are now also alive and kicking. The focus of the OS appears to be allowing the user to control their device with minimal effort, whether this takes to form of convenient multitasking without launching apps, or even being able to operate the device without looking at it and as Engadget point out, Android apps can apparently run on a device running Sailfish OS with minimal alteration to the underlying code.

The two senior members of the Jolla team featured in an interview by Kick following this latest announcement at Slush 2012 in Helsinki.

With the OS already showing a fresh look, powerful features and a passionate team behind it, we’re now waiting to see what hardware will accompany Sailfish ahead of its anticipated arrival to market sometime before Summer 2013.


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