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App Review: Joystick

Joystick is looking to be the destination app for eSports lovers and gamers alike. It covers a lot of ground, integrating the latest news stories and videos as well as media from popular content creators within the world of video games.

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During initial setup is where you’ll tailor your experience, creating an account and username before selecting your gaming consoles, genres, and topics of choice. The app is populated with the most popular offerings in each category (sorry Commodore 64 lovers), including the ability to drill down in order to choose from the biggest creators on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Joystick app - Android screenshot 1 Joystick app - Android screenshot 2 Joystick app - Android screenshot 3

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Whilst you can go back and reselect categories and creators whenever you like, we’d have appreciated the option to submit our own sources for consideration, as right now the options appear to be vetted from within the app’s development team. Being able to follow friends or lesser-known creators would be a nice touch, but all the key players are present and correct right now.

Once you’re set up, Joystick populates a single feed with all of the latest gaming news, reviews, social media posts and videos based on your chosen sources and preferences. It’s like a supercharged RSS feed, unaffected by Google’s algorithms and easily reconfigurable.

Joystick app - Android screenshot 7 Joystick app - Android screenshot 8 Joystick app - Android screenshot 9 

Swipe in the from the left and you’ll reveal Joystick’s menu screen, which integrates profile customisation tools (letting you select a username and picture) and, although it’s a little hidden away, the ability to tune into shows, live eSports tournaments and the full gaming news feed including the sources you haven’t chosen to follow.

It’s nice to have so many facets of such a popular industry at your fingertips, even if the interface needs a little work (rotating the phone without full-screening videos isn’t recommended right now).

Joystick app - Android screenshot 10 Joystick app - Android screenshot 11 Joystick app - Android screenshot 12

Joystick has only just hit Android and iOS devices, but it stands out as a great jumping off point for gamers who want to keep content from their favourite creators all in one place and only a few swipes away.

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