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Kobo Vox colour Android slate comes to WHSmiths: £170 for a Gingerbread ereader

Who wants an Android tablet for £170? Ok, so the Kobo Vox, available to buy from WHSmiths today, is being pitched as more of an e-reader.

Access to over 2 million eBooks, one million of which are free, the 7-inch slate (screen resolution: 1024 x 600) features an anti-glare coating and a quilted back for a more comfortable grip.

But it also runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. And, it comes with access the Android Market. So in between reading Anna Karenina you’ve got the option to indulge in a bit of Angry Birds fun as well.

The Kobo Vox also features Facebook integration, which is what any Android device worth its salt is all about these days.

With Kobo Pulse, you’ll be able to share your thoughts on Twilight, One Day and War and Peace with other readers of the same title, allowing you to take part in a social media-based book club of sorts.

Specs-wise, the Kobo Vox isn’t exactly a powerhouse. But we you really expecting Nvidia’s Tegra 3 in here for £170?

The processor is a 800MHz unit and there’s 512MB of RAM. While this ought to be enough to power the Kobo Vox’ primary function (reading books) web browsing and video might be slower than we’re used to.

Still, we’d potentially take this over the Amazon Kindle Fire, a UK release for which has yet to be announced. The Kobo Vox by contrast is available to buy right now.

8GB of internal memory, which Kobo equates to 8000 ebooks, comes built in and the microSD support means you’ll be able to bulk this out by up to 32GB. It’s all sounding pretty good to us at the moment; we’re expecting to pick one up later on today so stay tuned for some hands-on pics.