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Leaked Nokia spec lists hints at NFC in future Symbian Belle phones

The Nokia leaks continue coming at an alarming rate. The latest slice of Rumour Pie comes in the form of some spec sheets for four unannounced Nokia phones; the Cindy (aka Nokia 600), Fate aka (Nokia 500), Helen (aka Nokia 701) and the Zeta (aka Nokia 700).

As well as adopting the ‘girls first name’ convention Nokia seems to have gone with (a la Symbian Anna and Belle), a couple of these phones – the Cindy/600 and the Zeta/700 – reportedly come with NFC chips built in.

Yes, the above pictures are questionable and could well have been knocked up by someone on Word during their lunchbreak. Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog, where we first saw the spec sheet pictures however, believes the info to be accurate.

Also consider that Nokia has invested a heck of a lot of research hours in NFC, getting an NFC version of Angry Birds launched on the C7 and installing chips in phones as far back as the 6216 Classic.

With NFC now more of a bigger deal these days since Google Wallet and the four big networks’ joint venture, we’d be surprised if Nokia isn’t bunging NFC chips in future phones.

Interestingly, Mobilesguruji is saying that the Cindy/Nokia 600 may be another name for the Nokia N5, which we saw yesterday. Running on Symbian Belle, the N5 borrows a couple of Android tricks, allowing for ‘free form widgets’ and a notification bar at the top of the screen that can be dragged down.

While a blurry picture of an unannounced phone is still rumour-material, it lends more weight to the Cindy/600 being something real than a printed out spec list does. An adage about a Mr. Blurrycam picture being worth a thousand spec sheets springs to mind…

Confusingly, it looks like the Cindy/600/N5 also goes by the name RM-701; this could be an internal name for it though.

Say what you will about Nokia naming conventions, we like the current [letter]-series idea; it lets you know right away whether or not the phone is an all-rounder smartphone, a business phone, budget/entry-level phone or an entertainment/gaming phone.

The girls first name convention could catch on – it makes things a bit more personable than just a bunch of letters and numbers. But with all the Symbian updates also coming with girls names, it could get confusing.

We’ve asked Nokia for a comment on this and are waiting to hear back.

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