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Invitation suggests that LG is preparing a G Pro 2 announcement before MWC

LG might be planning to launch its G Pro succesor at a local event, ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress. 

LG has released an invitation which suggests that it’s planning a local event ahead of the Mobile World Congress. The invitation should happen in Seoul, Korea on February 13th, and the tagline reads: “knock-knock knocking’ on.” Knocking on what exactly? Heavens door? Well it might relate to the fact that LG’s latest phones can be turned on from standby by tapping on the screen using a feature named ‘Knock-on’, a feature not present on the original G Pro. We’re indulging the idea that this invitation is a prelude to the phone’s successor.

The original G-Pro never made it to the UK, so this announcement may heal some of the pain we’re still feeling. 

LG has already teased some elements of the upcoming device. These include the 13MP OIS Plus camera, and the phone’s improved sound system. Images of the G Pro 2 have also been leaked. They show off a pair of 1W speakers embedded on the back, hinting that this phone’s improved sound quality will be one of its best features and when paired to a big screen, speak volumes about its multimedia chops.
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