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LG G5 vs Apple iPhone 6s hands on | MWC 2016

The LG G5 has plenty going for it; super-fast camera with a wide angle shooting mode, modular design with a plethora of accessories and a sexy metal unibody. How does it compare to the Apple iPhone 6s? 

Coming with a 5.3-inch Quad HD (2560×1440) screen, the LG G5 eclipses the Apple iPhone 6s in terms of both screen acreage and resolution – 4.7-inches versus Retina HD (1334×750). As you can easily see from the video below, the iPhone 6s’s panel is kicking out a higher degree of brightness – pixels aren’t everything. That’s not to say that the LG G5’s panel is in any way dull. It’s performing masterfully under the harsh glare of LG’s Mobile World Congress stand lights. 

The LG G5’s camera, as we’ve gushed about here, is very quick off the mark. It shoots stills almost instantaneously and that wide shooting feature is a nice selling point. Then again, the camera on the iPhone 6s is pretty incredible; we can’t wait to go fully head to head with both of these phones. 

First impressions; the LG G5 brings an insane amount of firepower to the table and gives Apple’s current crop a run for its money in a number of categories. Speaking of money, we’ve got all of the currently available price and network information for the LG G5 here along with a list of official specs.  

Stick around for more hands-on action coming up from Mobile World Congress both here and on our YouTube channel

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