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Mass VR sex is just 15 years away

Sex firm Bondara and futurologist Dr Ian Pearson reckon we’ll be strapping on VR helmets to get jiggy by 2030, as bog-standard bonking becomes boring. but while VR sex has some plus points, it could also be a bullet in the head for relationships.

According to Dr Pearson, in just fifteen years ‘most people will have some form of virtual sex as casually as they browse porn today’. So, does that mean we’ll all be in Demolition Man territory soon, boffing in cyberspace and washing our bums with the three seashells?

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At its most base level, VR can be used by solo lovers to get directly involved in their favourite pornos. VR porn is of course already a thing, with plenty of apps and websites out there that cater for both male and female enthusiasts. And with Facebook and YouTube now allowing users to create their own VR content, we reckon the admins will eventually have a job on their hands (so to speak) to keep smut away.

Of course, VR can also help to remove the frustration of long-distance relationships, as distant couples directly interact with each other’s bits via the wonders of technology. This kind of tech already exists thanks to companies such as Lovense, with its ‘teledildonics’ toys.

More worryingly, Dr Pearson predicts that many couples will strap on the VR helmets when having actual sex with each other in the same bed. Bored of boffing your hubbie or wife? No problem, just load up an app that shows you different virtual partners, or perhaps even celebrities, so you can imagine you’re doing them instead.

And according to the study, you may also choose to ‘play with an AI character you’ve designed to fulfil your wildest fantasy’. So, how long before we have VR monstrosities sporting two dozen breasts or a plethora of tentacles?

Personally we’re not too convinced that VR will muscle its way into the bedroom in such a short period, certainly not in the form that requires a clunky plastic headset to be strapped to your bonce. Of course, once Black Mirror style Retina playback becomes a thing, who knows what’ll happen.

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