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Motorola Pro +: Probably not available at Boots

Motorola has decided to offer up an improved version of it’s keyboard-toting Android-flavoured Pro, with the familiar name of Pro +.

Aside from the legion punning opportunities, the Motorola Pro + offers up an 1GHz processor, Android Gingerbread (2.3) and a 3.1-inch screen to differentiate it from the portrait-screened, Froyo-flavoured Motorola Fire.

Beyond its predecessor, the original Motorola Pro which never quite made it to the UK, there’s also a larger battery, a screen with double the resolution (now 640×480) and, somehow, a 20g drop in weight.

The Motorola Pro + screen will have a Gorilla Glass coating to protect it from incidents, and will arrive preloaded with Quickoffice connect; all these features may warrant the performance enhancing pills of the same name.

“The Motorola Pro + is built for people who want to take the pressure off and consolidate their work and personal lives with an efficient smartphone that acts like your personal assistant,” said Alain Mutricy, the senior vice president for portfolio and device product management at Motorola Mobility.

“Today, with our demanding 24/7 lifestyles your smartphone should make your complex life easier and give you an edge at work and at play.”

Bizarrely, Motorola’s neglected to include some press shots with the specifications. We’ll update here when we get some. The Motorola Pro Plus is set to launch in Europe in October 2011.


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