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Motorola RAZR works with SDXC microSD cards: You can has an extra 64GB (almost)

A pretty short one this, but pretty sweet all the same; proof that the Motorola Razr can accept the recently announced SDXC microSD cards.

SDXC cards are virtually impossible to find in the shops right now and will no doubt be hugely expensive once you start seeing them in the high street. But the wow factor is that these guys can give you an additional up to of 64GB of storage.

A guest reviewer Murray for UK gadget retailers Clove has posted results on his blog, showing him successfully popping a 64GB SDXC card in his Motorola Razr.

Murray has also installed the same card in a Samsung Galaxy S2 and an HTC Sensation with no noticeable snags or hold-ups. The only issues seemed to be that the card needed to be reformatted before use, and that the card itself only came with 59.46GB out of a possible 64GB available.

But with only SD 2.0 support for the S2 officially listed, it’s pretty impressive to see that it would recognise the newer format.

Though not officially supported, Murray notes that any major “in-phone performance difference remains to be seen,” between using this and older Class 2 cards.

Not being officially supported by a manufacturer also means that should you get hold of an SDXC card and you pop it in your Sensation, don’t go crying if things go awry.

Still, the fact that the current gen of high-end phones can appear to runs these despite not officially supporting them makes us excited for what to expect in a year’s time. 64GB? In my Android phone? Yes please.

Source: AndroidNZ via Clove