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Finally, there’s a use for Periscope (and of course it’s cats)

The Cats Protection agency will be live streaming its fuzzy population via Periscope, for Android and iOS devices, in April and May 2016. Here’s what to expect, when the live streams are happening and how to watch.

If you’re obsessed with furry little kitties, it’s time to download Periscope to your phone and prepare your best “dawwwwww!”

Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity, will be live streaming footage from the National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex, so people can get their fix of fuzzy cuteness during stressful days. The free broadcasts can be watched via the Periscope app, available for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

The Cat Adoption Centre is one of the UK’s biggest animal rehoming centres. In 2014, Cats Protection helped over 200 thousand cats and kittens, through its network of 250 branches and 32 nationwide adoption centres.

Cats Protection’s Social Media Manager Gemma Croker said the Periscope broadcasts will show behind the scenes at the Cat Adoption Centre, while showing off some of the homeless pussies looking for a new owner.

“Our Periscope broadcasts are presented by staff at the centre who introduce viewers to some of the cats in our care,” Gemma said. “Viewers get the chance to see the cats in a relaxed atmosphere, interacting with our staff or resting in their pens. It’s a great way to get a feel for the cats in our care and the closest thing to meeting them without physically coming to the centre.”

When will Cats Protection be live streaming over Periscope?

The Cats Protection live streams will be broadcast over Periscope on April 12, April 18, April 25, May 2, May 17 and May 23. Each broadcast will kick off at 10am, making them a great way to get over that first traumatic hour of work.

There will also be a bonus cat live stream at 1pm on May 10.

To watch the live streams, just head to the Google Play store or Apple’s App Store and download Periscope, then sign up for a free account. You’ll then be able to search for Cats Protection and access the live streams.

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