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New LG G4 features including improved camera revealed

The LG G4 is still a couple of weeks away from its worldwide launch, but official previews have already revealed a beefed-up camera and a newly overhauled UI.

An official LG preview has confirmed that the LG G4, which is due to be unveiled on April 28th, will launch with the newest version of the company’s custom software – UX 4.0. The user interface has reportedly been constructed to afford users a much more personalised experience, while the G4 will pack a bunch of new software features too.

LG’s new software will sit on top of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and reportedly offer up a bunch of new, smarter core apps. That includes a refreshed calendar app which will play nice with social network events, allowing simple drag-and-drop additions so you can easily stay organised.

Your new photo gallery will sort your snaps according to where you took them, much like we’ve seen on iOS, while the weather app will take the current forecast into account and then suggest fun activities to pass the day – so us Brits can look forward to lots of cinema recommendations.

LG’s camera app has also been revamped and will now offer users three modes when they want to capture shots: professional, regular or simple. Pro mode will include a raft of DSLR-like options for users who know what they want, while the other two will cater for those who just want to snap without fuss.

The spangly new camera software will also boast a “Quick Shot” function, which allows users to take photos on the hop by simply tapping the volume key twice – no need to even launch the camera app.

Another preview released by the South Korean company over the weekend shows a silhouette of the G4 along with the letters F1.8, referring to the device’s camera aperture, which tells us that it should be a dab hand at capturing high quality images in low light – and they should look pretty nice on the device’s rumoured 2K screen too.

Rumours indicate that the camera will be a 16-megapixel offering this time around, although web whisperings also indicate yet another plastic design, which could be a serious turn-off considering the likes of HTC and even Samsung are putting out metallic masterpieces these days. Some rumours and leaked photos also suggest a stylus pen may come bundled with the G4, which would be an interesting addition indeed.

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