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Meet the smartwatch with month-long battery life

The newly unveiled Vector smartwatch promises a whole month of usage on a single charge, three times that of the Pebble Time Steel and over thirty times better than the Apple Watch.

When people talk about smartwatches, the first thing that usually comes up is how pathetic their battery life are. However, a new device from Vector is set to shake up the market thanks to its incredible longevity.

The new Vector smartwatch will apparently deliver basic smart functions after hooking up to your iOS, Android or Windows smartphone for a whole month before you have to plug it in. A bold claim indeed, considering the current front-runner (the Pebble Steel) only manages 5-7 days on a charge.

There will be two available shape styles for the Vector: Luna with a round watch face, and Meridian, with a square one. The former will set users back £299, whether they want a simple leather strap or a NATO-standard nylon one. The Meridian comes in at a much more palatable £199 with a nylon band.

Despite their price differences, both devices rock an attractive, minimalist style which steps well away from the usual full-on chunky design of rivals such as the LG G Watch R. A simple, non-touch monochrome LCD delivers your notifications, and while it may not be the most cutting-edge solution on the market, it apparently does a good job of conserving battery life.

Given the lack of touchability, control could be something of an issue, with users expected to use three stud buttons on the side of the device for all inputs. However, that’s a burden many smartwatch users would likely bear in return for a watch that doesn’t need topping off every 12-24 hours.

So far Vector has been pretty coy about the actual details and insider tech. There’s no word yet on what OS the device will use and usability has been described as simple, though the watch will apparently support IFTTT commands, you’ll be able to add custom watch-faces and check out news feeds. The usual smartwatch shenanigans.

More details on the Vector watch will become apparent in time, but if you’re already sold, you can head over to the company’s website and pre-order one now. Expect to see the Vector watch hit the UK this summer’s end.


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