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Nintendo is bringing Mario to iOS with Super Mario Run

We saw some predictable partnerships at Apple’s latest special event, as CEOs and Presidents from companies such as Nike took to the stage, however, we weren’t expecting Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto to appear.

‘Shigsy’, the man behind some of Nintendo’s most famous IPs, including Mario, stepped out to join Apple CEO, Tim Cook to reveal that the Italian plumber will finally be making his way to iOS.

Nintendo has slowly been making good on its promise of bringing ‘new and original’ titles to the mobile space, so whilst the iconic red and blue outfit in Miitomo may be the closest we’ve come thus far, we’ll soon have Super Mario Run – a purpose-built Mario-themed mobile runner that looks as though it’ll debut on Apple’s App Store ahead of rival platforms, such as Android’s Play Store.

Adopting the same side-scrolling 3D visual style as the likes of Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario Run sees the titular character constantly moving through the stage, with your taps and swipes affecting how he traverses each level. At points, you’ll encounter special blocks that either reverse Mario’s direction of travel or cause him to pause momentarily.

The game is divided into three key modes: the first has you collect coins whilst traversing the terrain, the second lets you challenge your friends to see who can beat a course with the most style to impress five Toads – this mode relies on game data, so it’s asynchronous multiplayer, rather than real-time. The third mode lets you create your own Mushroom Kingdom using the coins and Toads collected from the previous two game modes.

Miyamoto said that Super Mario Run will hit the App Store before the end of December this year and a price is yet to be confirmed, however, the game won’t feature in-app purchases, so once you’ve bought it, the experience in its entirety is yours.


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