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Nokia Lumia 910: 12-megapixel version of the Lumia 900 mooted

We practically slavered over the Nokia Lumia 900 when saw it at CES this year. So we were pretty chuffed to learn that it would be coming to Carphone Warehouse, after some speculation whether the UK would get it or not.

But now we’re hearing that there might be an even more powerful Lumia in the works. The Nokia Lumia 910 hasn’t been officially confirmed by Espoo, but Dutch retailer Typhone.NL has a landing page for one all the same.

Specs for this are virtually the same as the Lumia 900 – 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, 1GB of storage, 1.4GHz CPU – save for one, a 12-megapixel camera.

There’s no mention of a xenon flash, which would put this phone’s imaging power on par with that of the Nokia N8 (on paper at least) and could see it go toe to toe with Sony’s Xperia S.

Nokia wouldn’t comment when we spoke to them but we’re expecting to see something amazing at Mobile World Congress, whether it’s a GSM version of the Lumia 900, a Lumia 910 or a Lumia 1000, which’d have a 90-gigapixel camera and 500TB of storage. Probably.

Source: Typhone.NL via WP Sauce, WPCentral


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