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Nokia Lumia 1020 vs 925, 920, 820, 720, 620 and 520

Want to know how the 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 stacks up against the entire Nokia Lumia line-up? Devote seven minutes and twenty five seconds of your life to the video below, and you’ll find out. In it, we compare the Lumia 1020 with the Lumia 925, 920, 820, 720, 620 and 520 to show you what the impressive range of Windows Phones have to offer across price points. 

The Nokia Lumia 520 is the baby of the bunch, but still packs a dual-core processor that punches well above its weight with regards to specs and the premium feel of Windows Phone 8. We’re fans of its removable hard shells not to mention its £100 price tag.

Next up is the Lumia 620, the best phone on the market for £150 in our opinion. Interchangeable shells complement the crisp 3.8-inch WVGA display, and a surprisingly good 5-megapixel camera, particularly in low light thanks to the addition of a pulse LED flash. There are even murmours of a sized up Lumia 625 in the works, sporting a similar design at 4.7-inches.

For a more refined Windows Phone package, the Lumia 720 is a great starting point. The first of the mid-range Lumia line-up to utilise a unibody design, this slim handset offers an expansive 4.3-inch screen and incredibly promising 6.7-megapixel snapper that wowed us with its low-light performance.

Nokia Lumias 520, 620 & 720

Launching alongside Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 flagship, the Nokia Lumia 820 doesn’t have as elegant a design as some of its Lumia counterparts, nor does its 8-megapixel camera over impress. On the plus, it does offer up a range of interchangeable cases, wireless charging and has been one of the few mid-range 4G LTE options since EE’s speedy network rolled out. 

Nokia’s first Windows Phone 8 flagship, the Nokia Lumia 920, graced us with its presence late last year, hitting the market with a choice of punchy colour options alongside a more conventional monochrome palette. It uses a weighty unibody which conceals NFC and wireless charging as well as the first example of Nokia’s optical image stabilisation (OIS) camera technology. There’s also a beautiful 4.5-inch PureMotion+ HD LCD panel for silky smooth swiping.

The newest Lumia to hit the market; the Nokia Lumia 925 is an iterative release on the 920 that slims down the look and feel of its predecessor, integrates metal  around the sides and thanks to the addition of a 6th lens element, offers unparalleled camera performance for a smartphone. The design itself doesn’t feel as distinct as other members of the Lumia lineup, but the camera experience is second-to-none we’ve tested in house.

Nokia Lumia 820, 920, & 925

Finally, the new top dog, the PureView has arrived. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has barely left its New York launch pad and we’re already thinking of interesting ways to make use out of that incredible new camera. First and foremost its design feels more on point than the 925 with a bright yellow polycarbonate unibody and black camera surround which accommodates a 41-megapixel OIS camera. The camera also offers up Gorilla Glass 3 for protection, a Xenon flash for top-tier low-light imaging and a video LED lamp to get great video too. In addition shutterbugs will appreciate the debut of the new Nokia Pro Cam app, which brings fine grain control to the 1020’s imaging experience.

Nokia Lumia 1020


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