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Nokia Maps for Windows Phone photos: The first taste of Sea Ray?

The Nokia Sea Ray; we kind of know what it’s going to look like (a bit like the Nokia N9) and as it’s running on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, we kind of know how it’s going to operate.

We half-expected the inclusion of Nokia Maps to be a given as well. All the same it’s good to get a sneaky bit of eyes-on time of a Nokia app before the official reveal of the phone itself.

A plucky XDA forum member spied a Nokia Maps placeholder popping up on the Windows Phone Marketplace and dutifully nabbed all the available pics. It’s since been pulled so we’ve not been able to get a better idea of how it all looks ourselves.

Again, as you’d expect, it looks much like Nokia Maps on other phones, but with WP7 icons. As well as the ability to find your way about town you can also add reviews and upload pictures of restaurants and other destinations. We’ve suddenly developed a hankering for some Chinese food.

While obviously it’ll be coming to the Sea Ray, Nokia has hinted that Nokia Maps could be available to download on other WP7 phones as well. Time will tell if this healthy alternative to Google Maps (it offers all-imporant turn-by-turn nav as well) will be a Nokia exclusive or will be shared throughout the Windows Phone family.

Source: XDA Developers via Electric Pig


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