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Nokia N9 coming to Sweden 23rd of September, UK Expansys pre-order page apparently not kosher

The jury’s out on whether or not the Nokia N9 will ever see the light of day over here, but it looks like you’ll be able to snap up one in Sweden at least.

Electronista spotted that this page, containing a countdown clock, appeared at Nokia’s Swedish site, which when you do the maths, points to a 23rd of September release date for the MeeGo-powered marvel.

While that’s all well and good for our Swedish chums there’s still not an official hint of the N9 coming out here yet. On Monday we saw that Orange Switzerland is all set to sell the N9 from the 15th of next month onwards. And last week, it looked like that Nokia had all but confirmed that there would be no N9 for us Brits.

That said, we got to have some extensive hands-on time with the MeeGo-powered smartphone here in the UK courtesy of Nokia, and we were impressed with both the hardware and the overall user experience – let’s be honest, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to confidently say that about a Nokia smartphone. Check out our hands-on pics and video here.

It would seem odd for Nokia to go to the bother of showing off a product to UK journalists that they don’t intend to sell in the UK. Then again, the N9 does look a lot like the Sea Ray, fuelling rumours that it’s essentially an N9 running Windows Phone 7. So maybe we were being tacitly shown the Sea Ray ahead of announcement back in June? What’s the likelihood of Nokia actually doing something like that?

The Expansys pre-order page that we saw on Tuesday also offered a glimmer of hope for a UK release, but when we spoke to Nokia about it, they told us it wasn’t genuine and they were getting Expansys to take it down. It’s still there now, showing off a black 64GB version of the N9. We’ve contacted Expansys about this and are waiting to hear back.

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