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Nokia N900 to run MeeGo OS within months

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone – Maemo is officially dead. The only handset actually running the hack-friendly OS is set to become the focus of the first stage of the MeeGo OS – the new kid on the block, borne of the unholy union of Intel’s Moblin platform and Nokia’s Maemo. While MeeGo is to take elements of both systems, it will not be simply be a mash-up of the two.

Valtteri Halla, one of the two-person Technical Steering Group for MeeGo, made the following comments in a blog post:

“We hope to move on here very quickly now. Nokia and Intel have set the target to open the MeeGo repository by the end of this month… What is scheduled to be available then is the first and very raw baseline to a source and binary repository to build MeeGo trunk on Intel ATOM boards and Nokia N900.”

Whether the N900 is being used simply as a development tool or whether it will become the flagship MeeGo device remains to be seen – we’d like to see new hardware tailored to the new open-source OS but we’d also really like to see the N900 live up to its potential. So perhaps the ideal scenario is an updated N900 handset specific to MeeGo – either way, it’s going to be an exciting device and we look forward to hearing more from the development team.

[via NokNok]


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