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Nokia PureView time-lapse video is breathtaking

Some may argue that the Nokia 808 PureView doesn’t have a lot to offer beyond its behemoth of a 41-megapixel camera module and to some extent, they may be right. Running an OS that’s fallen out of favour in recent years (Symbian) and with the vast majority of users having opted for iOS or Android devices instead, it may be hard to justify the expected £500 plus price tag for a device that’s nothing more than a glorified camera phone.

But that’s exactly it, this device isn’t designed to tackle the flagships of rival manufacturers, it’s designed to be the best it can be in it’s specialised field and in this respect it excels. Before we gush any further about the potential of that camera, it’s worth noting that the PureView aims to offer an excellent overall media experience.

Nokia 808 PureView lineup

With Dolby certification giving it some of the best audio credentials in the mobile industry, wired and wireless media streaming capabilities and of course 1080p HD video recording at 30fps, the PureView aims to offer up the most comprehensive list of media capture tools in a mobile device.

Now to the fun part. If the high-res sample stills that Nokia have been uploading to their Flickr haven’t been enough to tide you over until the PureView’s release, their YouTube channel published a rather amazing video earlier today which shows a combination of these impressive images, intertwined with some absolutely breathtaking time-lapse video all shot on the Nokia 808 PureView and more impressively, the footage is apparently un-enhanced, just cut to music.

There’s not a lot more to say other than that the PureView has no official confirmation concerning UK launch dates, but is expected to hit both Russian and Indian markets in the coming weeks.


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