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Nvidia’s Tegra Zone app opens eyes in Android Market

Nvidia’s Tegra Zone app is available to download from the Market now. Released in anticipation of the many Tegra 2-powered Android phones and tablets that are due to hit the shelves this year, the Tegra Zone allows you to search for games that have been specifically tailored for high-end Tegra 2-equipped machines.

Titles featured in the Tegra Zone at the moment include Dungeon Defenders, Samurai II: Vengeance, and Monster Madness. There’s also newly optimised editions of Android classics such as Fruit Ninja and Backbreaker, called Fruit Ninja THD and Backbreaker THD respectively.

Upcoming titles include Galaxy on Fire 2 and Vendetta Online; two graphically rich epic sci-fi shooters.

Though prices and availability for games are listed in the Tegra Zone itself, tapping on a link will simply take you the Android Market, where you complete your purchase as normal. So you won’t have to set up an account or register anything.

Tegra Zone will work on any device running Android 2.1 or above, but obviously you won’t be able to do much other than look at some pretty pictures for now.

For the time being, it pretty much serves as a big advert for Nvidia, and gives those of us rocking the current-gen of Android phones something to get green eyed over.

But once the Xooms, Tabs and 2Xs of the world get unleashed on the public, the Tegra Zone will undoubtedly come into its own, acting as a one-stop resource for the bleeding edge of gaming on Android phones and tablets.


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