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Oppo tease with suggested Find 7 smartphone specs

Inscrutable Chinese brand Oppo already impressed us once this month with the innovative rotating 13-megapixel camera they devised for their new N1, but today finds them firmly back in the Recombu spotlight again thanks to the release of a tantalising teaser telling techie tales of the forthcoming Oppo Find 7…

The Oppo Find 7: a bit of a legend...

Leaking details likes a punctured Julian Assange via its own account on Chinese microblogging service Weibo, the latest in Oppo’s Find range of fine smartphones will reputedly come armed to its Android-run teeth with some pretty serious specs, including a display which, while rather unremarkable in size at 5.7-inches, will have a resolution of a staggering 2560 x 1440 pixels (1440p) resulting in a  screen that’s sharper than actual real life itself, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor at its heart clocking in at a head-spinning 2.5GHz, an almost unnecessary seeming 3GB of RAM, a picture-perfect 13-megapixel camera bringing up the rear, and an equally generous 5-megapixel shooter facing front to help owners look more than a pixelated mess when on Skype chats – a disappointing departure from the common sense-commanding swivel-snapper of the new N1, but offering pixels aplenty all the same.

Finally on the grist menu at this particular rumour mill restaurant, the Find 7 is expected to be Oppo’s first 4G LTE device too, making this device even better specced than MIT’s invisible jetsubmacar… if it’s all true, of course.

Which is where some doubts lie – leaking details about your oncoming new über-phone is fine, but just how ‘oncoming’ is oncoming? With Qualcomm stating that the Snagdragon 805 won’t be available until midway through 2014, clearly the ‘oncoming’ is not imminent; or that as enticing and exciting as these supposed self-leaked specs are, the facts behind the Find 7 are little more than a game of Chinese whispers.


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