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Panasonic ELUGA dL1 unboxing video

In Japan Panasonic smartphones are incredibly popular, but the company has been absent from the UK market since 2005. However it now seems that in 2012 (and no doubt seeing the huge success Samsung has seen) Panasonic is determined to return to Blighty, releasing not one, but two mobile phones under the Eluga brand.

The flagship Panasonic ELUGA Power and the Panasonic ELUGA dL1, both Android smartphones with angular designs.

What sets the Panasonic ELUGA dL1 is apart is that it’s waterproof to a depth of one metre. Elsewhere its spec sheet matches that of mid to top tier phone like the HTC One S and the Sony Xperia P. It includes a 1GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and has a 4.3-inch screen.

The Panasonic ELUGA dL1 is now available sim-free at Clove for £364.99, there’s no news yet if any of the UK networks will be taking it.

A sample of the Panasonic ELUGA dL1 has just arrived in our office. We’ll be putting it to test over the next few days and will bring you a full review as soon as possible, in the meantime here’s a look at what is in the box.


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