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Pebble Time vs Time Steel vs Time Round

We compare the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time Round to see which is best smartwatch for you.


One of the biggest differences between these three Pebble wearables is the look and feel. The Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel feature a similar, traditional square frame, with the Time Steel coming optionally with a chunky metal band. If you’re expecting a shiny metallic finish on the Steel however, you’ll be disappointed – the plastic coating is much the same as the original Time’s, and just as prone to scratching.


The stand-out model here is the Pebble Time Round, which boasts a pleasingly slim (7.5mm) rounded watch face. It’s better suited to more feminine wrists, or anyone who simply dislikes that typical boxy smartphone design.

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All three models use standard 22mm watch bands, so you can swap out the original straps for new, non-Pebble ones at any time. They’re also all water-resistant, so you can take them for a swim or rock them in the shower.

All models use standard 22mm watch bands, so you can swap them.


All three Pebble Time watches pack the same OS, Pebble’s own colourful creation which is split into three timeline-style segments: past, present and future. In this way you can check for missed notifications, play with apps and check out your upcoming schedule, all with a tap of the relevant button.

Pebble Time OS & Features

You’ll find the same general features on these three watches too, including full access to the Pebble app store where you can download new tools, clock faces and so on. They also all work with Android and iOS smartphones.

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Battery life

If you’re always on the move and hate unreliable devices that need constant charging, good news. The Pebble Time family are some of the best wearables around for longevity.

The lamest of the trio is the Pebble Time Round, which only lasts a couple of days between charges. From there it’s a big step up to the original Pebble Time, which can survive for around five to six days on a single charge. Leader of the pack is the Pebble Time Steel, which can go for almost ten days without a top-up.

Pebble Time Battery Life

However, the Pebble Time Round can at least be quickly powered up using Fast Charge, giving you a full day of use with just 15 minutes plugged in.


All three watches in the Pebble Time family are fun and user-friendly wearables, although the original Time and the Time Steel boast the best battery life while the Time Round is best for smaller wrists and anyone who wants a watch that actually looks like a watch.

Of course, if price is an issue, the original Time is the cheapest watch here and still highly recommended.

Check out our full Pebble Time review and Pebble Time Steel review and check back soon for our full Pebble Time Round review.

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