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Pro ad-free version of Words With Friends for Android coming soon, along with a tablet edition

The folks at Zynga have just announced that an ad-free version of Words With Friends for Android is in the works. This is great news for avid scrabblers who don’t want to sit through ads each time they take a turn.

A version for Android tablets is also being worked on as we speak, so those of you who’ve pre-ordered a Motorola Xoom can look forwards to playing on a version better suited to a big old 10-inch screen.

In other news, Zynga has pushed out an update for the current free version. This should clear up a many of the bugs people have been experiencing before. We’ve just updated our version and have found it to be much less Force Close-y than before. Which is a good thing.

However, in order to get the updated version of Words With Friends for Android, you’ll have to uninstall the existing one.

Don’t worry if you’re halfway through a game, all of your data should be saved to your account.

When you install the latest edition – Version 3.20 – all of your old games will return. As this will take a few minutes, it’s probably best to connect to Wi-Fi before installing the new version.

There’s no word (sorry) on when the paid ad-less and tablet versions of Words With Friends will arrive, nor how much they’ll cost. Naturally, we’ll keep you posted.

Coincidentally, ‘ZYNGA’ would rack up a fair number of points in a game of Words With Friends. Shame that you wouldn’t be able to actually use it…


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