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Rumour: Amazon working on quad-core Tegra 3 ‘Hollywood’ and Tegra 2 ‘Coyote’ tablets

Amazon is reportedly stepping in to the Android tablet arena with a pair of devices that are being called the ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Coyote’. The Hollywood will apparently feature Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core chip and the so-called ‘entry-level’ Coyote will be a Tegra 2 dual-core-er.

This information comes from Phone Arena by way of an anonymous tipster, so we can’t verify its accuracy. When we spoke to Nvidia we were given a straight out said ‘no comment’ on these devices. We’re still waiting to hear back from Amazon.

Though the source isn’t official, we reckon that there might be something in this. It would make sense for Amazon to launch an Android tablet. The e-tailer giant already has launched a couple of Android shopping apps and has even rolled out its own app store, albeit in the US only, for now.

Amazon is competing with Apple on almost every level now – MP3s, eBooks, apps – the last piece of the puzzle would be some nice hardware to go with that.

Last week e-book competitors Be Book announced the Live tablet – an Android tablet that’s being pitched as a fancier e-reader. So Amazon may want to show the competition a thing or to in this arena.

It’s also unclear whether or not Amazon would be making these tablets in-house as it (sort of) does with the Kindle, or if it’ll work with another manufacturer. One rumour doing the rounds is that it’ll be Samsung.

With there now being three different Samsung tablets heading our way – the Tab 10.1, Tab 10.1V and the Tab 8.9 – we’d be surprised if Samsung were working on another two tablets for its 2011 line-up.

Then again, we could see branded versions of a the Tab 8.9 but with the Amazon logo stamped on top.

We think that Amazon tablets, if pitched properly, could clear up in what’s becoming an increasingly crowded market. Let’s hope that Amazon rolls its app store to the rest of the world soon as well.


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