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Rumour: Apple to announce iPad 3 in the first week of March, to be in shops a week later

Breaking news from the iPad 3 rumour-front, All Things D is saying that Apple won’t be announcing or launching the iPad 3 this month, but will do so at an event in the first week of March with the tablet hitting shelves a week later.

Those same sources also appear to confirm much of what we’ve heard already; virtually identical design to the iPad 2, faster processor and a GPU to help power high-end video and games. All Things D is saying that that there’ll be a 2048×1536 Retina Display-pipping screen “or something close to it,” which leaves us feeling rather bemused about the veracity of said unnamed sources and us reaching for the salt jar once again.

It is highly likely that Apple, which appears to have established a circadian rhythm with its tablet releases, will announce and get the iPad 3 on shelves around the Easter/end of Q1 period. So while we’re not totally convinced about this ‘first week of March’ announcement, we are expecting it to land perhaps later in the month, closer to April.

Apple has also historically distanced its product launches and announcements from Mobile World Congress, which is to be held about a week later than normal this year, from the 27th of February through ‘til the 1st of March.

So if the iPad 3 is announced in the first week of next month, it’ll literally be right on the heels of MWC, where there’s expected to be many a powerful quad-core device shown off.


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