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Samsung aiming to have flexible screens in smartphones by 2012

Stoked to get your hands on one of those flexible displays teased by Nokia the other day? You’ll want to keep an eye on Samsung’s offering next year then.

The Korea manufacturer today said it was aiming to get the technology into phones sometime in 2012, hopefully during the earlier part of the year. It’s something that can be applied to tablets too, but we’ll be seeing it in phones first.

The Samsung Galaxy S II has sold around 10 million units to date, and Samsung are hoping to keep building on that success. Could we perhaps see a flexible OLED display in the Galaxy S III?

As we saw from the example at Nokia World on Wednesday, having a flexible display also gives you access to new and intuitive ways of navigating a mobile device. Flexing the display outward could zoom out of the browser, while twisting one part of the screen could skip to the next music track.

Check out the video below for Nokia’s demo of the tech in action.


Source: The Next Web, YouTube


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