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Samsung Android slider phone gets leaked: Galaxy Z? Galaxy Pro Plus? Place your bets

BGR have got their fingers on this press photo of a Samsung sliding smartphone, and presumably, given the layout of the keys below the touchscreen, it looks to be another Android device.

We may just be guessing, but going on previous form, it could have Galaxy somewhere within the title of the device. Maybe.

It’s noticeably different from the Galaxy S2, Samsung’s popular flagship smartphone, visibly lacking a physical button and the ‘retro’ Android button layout is due to US phone network AT&T’s request – BGR say that the keyboard has also received some similar changes.

At the top of the phone you can seen a sliding microUSB cover and headphone socket; so far, so smartphone. We’ve no idea why the protective film is curling off on the corner, though.

Expect to see more information on this Samsung offering when we hear it; and we’ll be sure to check whether it’ll arrive in the UK. We hope it arrive in some form or another, like the intriguing Galaxy R.




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