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Samsung appeal over Galaxy Tab ban set for August 25th

Further developments in the courtroom drama that is Apple vs. Samsung: after an injunction from Apple got the Galaxy Tab 10.1 pulled from the shelves across Europe, Samsung has been told that they can appeal the decision on August 25th.

A German court in Dusseldorf ruled in Apple’s favour earlier this week, ordering Samsung to suspend sales of their flagship Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which Apple called a “blatant copy” of their iPad and iPhone designs. Samsung responded that the injunction had come completely out of the blue, but that they would be appealing the decision as soon as possible.

Apple have also taken Samsung to court over the Galaxy Tab in the States and Australia, although currently the Samsung tablet is still available to consumers in both territories. Since the tablet was pulled, Motorola have revealed that Apple’s lawyers are taking them to task as well over their not-dissimilar-looking Xoom tablet, although whether Apple have been trying for a similar injunction hasn’t been revealed.

Once Samsung has made its case, a decision as to whether sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 can resume is expected to come in a couple of weeks. Whatever the end result, Apple will still have held up sales of the Samsung tablet by around four weeks – a serious blow for one of the first Android tablets ever to really stack up against the ubiquitous iPad.

Via: Reuters


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