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Samsung celebrates Galaxy S2 sales with new designer battery covers

Since launch, Samsung has already sold a whopping 2 million Galaxy S2 phones in its South Korean homeland. Globally, sales figures have been pegged at around 5 million – and that’s before a US launch that looks to consist of several different models.

To celebrate the 2 million mark. Samsung has launched a selection of colourful battery covers; something we were expecting to see in the near-future. No news as of yet if they’ll arrive in the UK, and the covers are said to have been made in limited numbers. We’d love a spare battery cover to experiment on ourselves…

According to Sammy Hub, it took only 73 days for the Samsung Galaxy S II to reach two million. In comparison, its predecessor, the Galaxy S got to the same digits in 144 days.

Arguably the strongest competitor to the iPhone’s smartphone crown, we gave it full marks in our review. Samsung looks to have noticed its popularity; with a white version and a cut-price redesign both penned for launch. Note in these pictures the white version has already appeared to have launched over in Korea.


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