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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Galaxy S7: What’s the difference?

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 vs Galaxy S7: We compare two of Samsung’s best Galaxy phones, the Galaxy S7 flagship and the more affordable Galaxy A5 2017, to see what the difference is in terms of specs, camera abilities, battery life and more.

Samsung Mobile produces some of the best smartphones around and right now you can grab two great Samsung Galaxy handsets, packing premium features for a surprisingly affordable asking price.

The Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s flagship phone, boasting one of the very best mobile cameras as well as a gorgeous screen and some seriously smart features. However, if you can’t stump up the cash for the S7, you might prefer the cheaper Galaxy A5 2017. This mobile also boasts strong media chops, plus impressive battery life, for just £399 SIM-free.

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So what’s the difference between the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy A5 2017? Here’s our full comparison review so you can work out which is best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy A5 2017: Specs at a glance

Samsung Phone Galaxy S7 Galaxy A5 2017
Screen size 5.1-inches 5.2-inches
Screen resolution 2560×1440 1920×1080
Water resistant? Yes Yes
Fingerprint scanner? Yes Yes
OS Android 7.0 (updated) Android 6.0
Processor Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8890 Exynos 7880
Memory 4GB 3GB
Storage 32/64GB 32GB
MicroSD? Yes (up to 256GB) Yes (up to 256GB)
Battery 3000mAh 3000mAh
USB Micro USB Type C
Rear camera 12MP (f/1.7) 16MP (f/1.9)
Front camera 5MP (f/1.7) 16MP (f/1.9)

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy A5 2017: Design

Both the Galaxy S7 and A5 2017 sport a classy design, crafted from glass and metal. The shiny rear might be a little smudgey, but you get premium materials put together in a great way. They’re more or less the same size and weight, with the 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 proving no more compact than the 5.2-inch A5 2017. Both handsets are comfortable to wield with one hand.

Even better, both phones are water resistant, so you can deliberately or accidentally dunk them with no ill effects.

You get Samsung’s fingerprint sensor tech with the A5 and the S7, so you can quickly and securely unlock your phone. The scanner is built into the home button of both phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy A5 2017: Media and features

The Galaxy S7 wins when it comes to screen sharpness, boasting a super-sharp 2560×1440 Quad HD resolution. By comparison, the Galaxy A5 2017 makes do with a Full HD 1920×1080 pixel resolution.

That said, both handsets produce perfectly crisp images and you’ll only notice the difference when you sit the two phones side-by-side. And as both Galaxy mobiles sport a Super AMOLED panel, you can expect vibrant visuals and a strong maximum brightness.

The Galaxy A5 2017 and S7 have 32GB of storage, although the S7 is also available with 64GB if you need some extra space. Thankfully both handsets can have their storage expanded with a microSD memory card, with cards up to 256GB in size supported. Great news if you shoot a lot of video and so on.

Android is the OS of choice of course, although both Galaxy phones come with the older Marshmallow version installed. This can be updated to Nougat on the S7, but we’re still waiting for confirmation on when the A5 2017 will get the Nougat update.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy A5 2017: Performance and battery life

When it comes to performance, the Galaxy S7 has the edge. Samsung’s own Exynos processors are packed into both, but the Exynos 8890 of the Galaxy S7 is more powerful than the Exynos 7880 chipset in the Galaxy A5 2017 (as the numbers suggest). You also get an extra 1GB of RAM in the S7, which helps apps to run with a pleasing smoothness.

That said, the Galaxy A5 2017 is no slouch. Android still runs smoothly and you can play the latest games without issue.

When it comes to battery life, the Galaxy A5 2017 certainly seems to have the edge. We can get well over a day of life per charge, while the S7 just about makes it into a second day.

On top of that, the A5 2017 has a Type-C USB port which means faster charging and data transfer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy A5 2017: Cameras

If you want the absolute best camera possible, then look to the Galaxy S7. This phone still boasts one of the best mobile cameras in 2017, with low light performance proving especially excellent. It’s also packed with bonus camera modes, although admittedly many of them are a bit pointless.

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The Galaxy A5 2017 may not quite be as well-rounded as the Galaxy S7 when it comes to camera tech, but you shouldn’t be disappointed. You can still capture detailed snaps in most conditions, with colourful results. However, the Galaxy A5 tops out at Full HD resolution video, while the S7 can record 4K Ultra HD footage.

Check back soon for our Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 camera review, and the full in-depth review.


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