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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 benchmarks leaked?

The Samsung Galaxy Note was the device to blur the lines between phone and tablet in 2011 and went on to attract worldwide attention for those who wanted something bigger than Samsung’s then-flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S2. Its popularity has endured, moving into 2012 too and demand has been so high that it’s deemed itself worthy of a successor, if suspicions are to be believed. Adding fuel to the fire this time around are a series of results spotted on GLBenchmarks’ website which promise good things from the Note’s suspected successor.

Picked up by PhoneArena shortly before they were pulled down, the benchmarking results captured by the site show some promising numbers from the phabet’s potential hardware. The trump that of the Samsung Galaxy S3, which arrived in June. The reasoning behind these number being tied to the Note 2 is in the device’s name. The original Note’s model name was the GT-N7000, naturally the conclusion to draw from a model name like GT-N7100 is to assume it’s the follow-up model.

GL Benchmark, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, quad-core, Exynos 4 Quad, 1.6GHz

The GT-N7100 looks set to offer a faster processor of around 1.6GHz, using the same Exynos 4 Quad chipset currently found in the Galaxy S3, clocked at 1.4GHz. Interestingly enough, the screen resolution reported for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 measures up at 1280×720, rather than the previously suspected 1280×800 resolution display. Having said that, the Note 2 is still suspected to make use of a larger 5.5-inch display over the original Note’s 5.3-inch screen.

The fact that the results were quickly pulled piques are interest most of all, as this tactic has been seen in the past, in an attempt to hide devices from the prying eyes of the media before release. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, if it is indeed real, should touch down at IFA next month in Germany, with a launch now scheduled around the same time as Apple’s next iPhone in September.


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