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Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and HD LTE launch in Korea

Samsung has announced two updated versions of its flagship Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE HD.

Currently only slated for launch in Korea (but that may change), both phones are geared up to use super-nippy 4G networks, which as yet haven’t launched in the UK anyway. The S2 LTE (that’s the one that’s not HD) is otherwise the same old Galaxy S2, but with about a millimetre added onto its waistline, taking the thickness to 9.5mm.

The Galaxy S2 LTE HD, however, shakes things up a bit more, coming with a proper HD display (1280 x 720 pixels) on top of that gorgeous Super AMOLED screen. We’d be hurt if that was a development that didn’t eventually make its way to the shores of Blighty, although for the time being there’s no word on when or if that might happen.

For the moment, Samsung’s original Galaxy S2 is doing just fine for itself without all the 4G bells and whistles, with Samsung announcing that the Galaxy S2 has shifted over ten million units since its launch back in May. Phone of the year? Have your say in the Recombu Awards.


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Source: Sammyhub