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Samsung Galaxy S3 available now… in Dubai!

Samsung’s new flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S3, may have received its big unveiling at the auspicious event in central London earlier this month, but it’s making its official debut on store shelves in Dubai.

No doubt those who pre-ordered will be gritting their teeth in envy right now, as The Verge has received reports directly from readers as well as from popular social news site Reddit that the Samsung flagship has already gone on sale in Dubai.

Galaxy S3 Dubai

TheRealJohnMatrix on Reddit stated that he was simply passing through the local mall when he spotted the “now available” sign under a picture of the device. On further enquiry in-store, the attendant gave him a white S3 to take a look at, stating that they had “plenty in stock”. What’s more, Verge user @ylootah sent in pictures (above) of a freshly unboxed Galaxy S3, complete with the all the accessories users in the region can expect out the box.

Based on these two instances the white version seems to be more readily available, but the fact that the device is available in Dubai at all is surprising, especially considering general release was slated for May 29th at the London launch event. With this latest development, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled in case anymore break cover earlier than expected.


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