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Samsung tease Galaxy S4, leaked hands-on video bares all

Galaxy S4 teaser imageWhen done right, mysticism can be seductive and exciting, the kind of sensations Samsung are no doubt trying to elicit with a teaser photo they posted on the SamsungMobile Twitter feed earlier today, but over in China, the same source which gave us yesterday’s still images now brings us a full blown hands-on video of at least one iteration of the forthcoming flagship phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 seen here operates under the model name GT-I9502, as shown in the video to be the dual SIM variant destined for China Unicom we’d suspected. The handset itself does looks like a scaled up galaxy S3, with more rounding than the Note 2. Interestingly enough in the hand this S4 also looks incredibly thick for a flagship device, however different markets expect different things and the international variant will no doubt be thinner.

Samsung appear to have maintained an all-plastic design for this flagship handset, with a removable backing concealing room for a microSD card and the dual SIM slots. Oddly enough the background noise features Sir Jony Ive and his merry band of designers talking about the creation of the iPad Mini, check it out:

Once the handset is powered on, TouchWiz features a blue/white colour palette, rather than the blue/black which we’ve come to know on the existing S3 (although this could be a unique aspect of the Unicom ROM). The camera UI looks cleaner with some form of scrollbar appearing on a long press of the shutter, perhaps suggesting a new camera feature to rival the likes of the HTC One’s ZOE photos. The UI also accommodates tap to focus and sadly the handset still appears to lack a shutter button.

Other native apps like the dialler continue to support both portrait and landscape orientations with the last part of the video highlighting that this GT-I9502 is indeed running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. We’re just two days away from the S4’s official launch where we’ll see how close this Chinese variant is to its international sibling.


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