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Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 camera samples emerge on Google+

With the suspected arrival of Samsung’s 2013 flagship just over a month away, it looks as if we have the first potential pieces of evidence suggesting the phone actually already exists and is in working order.

We were pointed in the direction of four photo samples courtesy of PhoneArena, who in turn had spotted them on Italian site – The images are suspected to be linked to the unannounced Samsung Galaxy S4 as a result of information found lurking in the EXIF data of each shot when they were uploaded to Google+.

S4 1S4 2S4 3S4 4

In truth not one, but three model numbers appear across these images, which rather than being read as separate devices, are more likely three iterations of the same handset; one – the SGH-l337 is potentially destined for the US as the AT&T specific version of the new flagship, whilst the SPH-M840 follows suit as a variant for Sprint. Meanwhile the SHV-E300S refers to a Korean handset with similar specs.

Although the Galaxy S4 is suspected to make use of a 13-megapixel camera, none of these images have been taken at such a resolution, but again suspicions lead us to believe that this is an attempt to shield the maximum resolution of the cameras involved, a maximum which none of these images are listed as being taken in.

Samsung Galaxy S4 announcement rumoured for March 15th

February 7th, 2013

Samsung is allegedly set to announce the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone on March 15th according to the latest rumour.

A ‘trusted insider’ told SamMobile that the phone will be announced at a Samsung unpacked event, the location of which is still to be confirmed

The phone is expected to be available in Eastern Europe first, the rest of Europe by the end of April, launching in the rest of the world in May/June.

The latest snippet of information backs-up a rumour we heard in January that Samsung would be holding a Mobile Unpacked event in March, where the Samsung Galaxy S3 successor would be revealed to the world.  The new phone itself is expected to be available in the middle of April.

We need to make very clear this is a rumour and there’s no way of establishing if it’s true –  Samsung certainly isn’t going to confirm anything, but we’ll know very soon.

Samsung Galaxy S4 set for March reveal – launching mid April?

January 23rd, 2013

Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy smartphone will allegedly be revealed in March at a Mobile Unpacked event and will go on sale mid-April.

According to Android Authority South Korean newspaper Asia Economy is reporting Samsung will be holding its 2013 Mobile Unpacked event in March in the US to reveal its latest smartphone – the hotly anticipated successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was revealed at MWC in Feb 2011 and the following year the Samsung Galaxy S3 was unveiled in May at Mobile Unpacked in London.

The new flagship is codenamed ‘Altius’ and will be shipping from April 15th in black and white according to SamMobile. 

It will allegedly run Android 4.2.1. Jelly Bean out of the box and will have a 4.99-inch Super AMOLED Full HD screen, Exynos Octa (8-core) processor, 13-megapixel primary camera, 2-megapixel front-facing camera, 2600mAh battery and support wireless charging via a separate dock.

Thes are just rumours at the moment, but we are expecting news of a new Galaxy after MWC, which takes place at the end of February and an April sale date correseponds to a March reveal, which is good news for Samsung Galaxy fans. 


Samsung GT-I9500X

Samsung Galaxy S4 model number revealed?

January 8th, 2013

A glimmer of hope lingered right before Samsung’s CES 2013 keynote yesterday which was then quashed once we didn’t hear a single significant mobile announcement out of the Korean electronics giant. Word of the Samsung Galaxy S4 naturally hangs around the moment its predecessor steps into the spotlight but there was one clue that alluded to a more concrete promise of the devices existence, spotted on Samsung’s own Global Download Centre website.

As identified by SamMobile, a high-end device with the model name GT-I9500X featured in the dropdown menu despite not actually offering any updates. The possibility of this being the S4 is anything but certain, but the i9X00 naming convention fits with the current family of Galaxy S flagships. Another possibility suggested by the likes of GSMArena is that this model is a yet unreleased or development Tizen device; Tizen being the company’s secondary smartphone platform being developed for select markets worldwide.

As the S4 didn’t show face at CES this year, it only increases its chances of starring in the spotlight come MWC at the end of February or failing that its own Samsung Unpacked event somewhere else in the world, much like the Samsung Galaxy S3 did in London last May.


Samsung Galaxy S4 to have 4.99-inch screen

November 22nd, 2012

Bigger may well be better in Samsung’s eyes if the rumours around the undiscovered Samsung Galaxy S4 are to be believed. Despite the fact that the Galaxy S3 is still only six months old, talk of its successor has already begun to bubble.

As the we said before the launch of the S3, the next flagship Samsung smartphone has some big shoes to fill. Samsung have managed to push their handset and the Galaxy S brand as a whole into the top spot in the eyes of consumers, having their latest flagship represent the clear alternative for those who don’t want this year’s iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is anticipated not only to offer some incredible hardware under its belt, but also is on the cards to make an appearance as early as CES at the start of next year.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mockup (Crocus flower image credit: Fotoviva -

A source from Samsung’s homeland of Korea had previously provided the Christian Post with a myriad of specs anticipated to grace 2013’s flagship, including a 4.99-inch 1080p Full HD display, an Exynos 5 2GHz quad-core processor (part of the same chipset family as the processor found in the new Nexus 10) and 2GB of RAM. A display at that size and resolution would push the pixel density to an incredible 441ppi, blurring the lines between useful and excessive use of display technologies and as GSMArena points out, a processor of that calibre would likely prove too much of a strain on any battery physically large enough to fit with the svelte frame the S4 will no doubt feature.

GSM also say that they’ve heard word of the Samsung Galaxy S4 appearing at CES 2013, which is at the very start of January. Failing that, it could also feature at Mobile World Congress in February, both of which would mean that it would break cover less than 12 months ahead of its predecessor and Samsung’s current poster boy: the Samsung Galaxy S3.



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