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Samsung giving Modern Combat 3 away free on the Galaxy S2 on Samsung Apps

Samsung seems keen on reminding us that its Samsung Apps portal exists by giving away Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation free for Galaxy S2 owners.

Sammy Hub spotted that mobile edition of FPS shooter can be downloaded now for your Samsung Galaxy S2 via the Samsung Apps site (hit up the big app link below).

Note that Modern Combat 3 isn’t currently showing on the Samsung Apps app on your phone. Meaning you’ll need to log in with your Samsung account via your desktop. If you’ve not already registered a Samsung account it takes just a couple of minutes to do so and to register your Galaxy S2 and begin the download. This looks to be a limited time promotion so if you want to have a go, get it now.

Modern Combat 3 is a chunky download (700MB-odd) via Wi-Fi only. Available to download now on other Android phones via the Market, Modern Combat 3 will normally cost you £4.99, so Samsung’s saving you a fiver here.

On out travels we noticed that Samsung is also giving away EA’s atmospheric Dead Space which, again, would normally cost you £4.42 from the Market. Unlike Modern Combat 3, you can download this via Samsung Apps on your S2 without having to go via the desktop install method.

If you’ve passed over Samsung Apps on your S2 before then it might be worth checking it out every once in a while lest you end up spending £5-odd a time on a high-end game that you could otherwise have for free.


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