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Samsung thumbs nose at iPhone 4S launch in Australia, sells Galaxy S2’s for $2

Fancy a Samsung Galaxy S2 for £1.30? That’s how much Samsung is currently flogging them for in Australia. A pop-up store has been erected “just metres away from the official Sydney Apple store” on the day that the iPhone 4S launches.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the first ten punters who line up at the Samsung pop-up will be able to get a Galaxy S2 for just $2 (roughly £1.30) from now until Friday – the day of the 4S’s big launch.

While Apple fans are queuing round the block to get an iPhone 4S on a long-term contract, those who get the $2 S2 will do so on an unlocked, SIM-free basis.

How about that for a publicity stunt? According to the Herald, the queue for the Samsung store is already dwarfing the queue for the Apple one.

But then again, queuing punters in the Samsung line have already expressed desires to sell their $2 S2’s and make a profit. So perhaps this stunt has backfired somewhat.

This move comes after Apple rejected Samsung’s offer to change the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 after it was pulled from shelves Down Under. Samsung’s obviously still not too happy about this although its big event with Google, planned to take place yesterday, was famously canned, out of respect for the passing of Apple co-founder and helmsman Steve Jobs.

Should Samsung repeat the trick elsewhere? How about a £2 S2 for us poms?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald via TheNextWeb


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